Previous home inspections performed in Columbus, Albany, Warner Robins, Bonaire, Perry, Byron, Macon, Montezuma, Americus, Fort Valley, Butler, Reynolds, Ideal, Buena Vista, Ellaville, Andersonville, and Cordele. If you need a home inspection in the Middle Georgia area between Warner Robins and Columbus, please give us a call.

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Certified Home Inspector since 2004

At Summit Home Inspections, our unbiased home inspections are meticulously performed and are never rushed. We offer residential and commercial property inspections. Our detailed Home Inspection reports are easy to follow, understand, and include pictures of any defects or concerns we find.

Home Inspections with Thermal Imaging

We use infrared cameras as part of the whole house inspection. We capture thermal images in and around the home that can reveal signs of moisture intrusion, missing insulation or overheating electrical components.

These pictures will be included in an easy to read report, provided to you after the inspection.

Home Inspector

Many of the items I document are maintenance recommendations, life expectancies, and minor imperfections. Important issues will uncover usually fall into the following categories:

  • Major defects, such as a structural failure
  • Things that lead to major defects, such as a small roof-flashing leak
  • Things that may hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy, or insure the home
  • Safety hazards such as electrical items

Property Preservation

Summit Inspections understands how important it is to get properties into conveyance condition in the most efficient way possible. We offer a comprehensive list of services to meet this objective:

  • Allow Access: Re-key / Lock Changes per work order.
  • Winterizations: During winterization season for state: dry, radiant, wet, and steam winterizations provided.
  • Securing: Boarding windows, securing doors with padlocks and hasps or knob locks, security doors, etc.
  • Repairs: Depends on the bids/estimates provided for the property, and the bid approvals we receive from the client.
  • Debris removal: To remove all sorts of debris from a property: interior, exterior, hazardous, etc

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